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An expert property maintenance schedule service that is bespoke to your circumstances

As a landlord, you want to reduce the number of issues that can arise, and that means implementing preventative measures that uncover potential problems that may form further down the line.

Ensuring that the property is safe from hazards is not only a legal requirement of the landlord, but providing working equipment will save you from potentially facing legal action by the tenant, and incurring substantial repair costs.

There are a number of common issues that often pose problems to landlords due to a lack of scheduled maintenance and inspections. AST Assistance provides an expert property maintenance schedule service that is bespoke to your circumstances, ensuring you have the tools to prevent yourself from facing severe issues down the line. 

We take the stress away from having to manage and plan scheduled maintenance, scheduling and organising appropriate inspections and repair work on your behalf. With the experienced help from our dedicated team, you will feel smoother management of your portfolio that takes much of the time-sensitive strain away from you.

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AST Assistance has long helped landlords instil a property maintenance schedule, allowing them to learn best practices that can be replicated and applied across their portfolios. We give you the tools and knowledge you need to excel at your role as landlord, minimising the risk of any issues - but being prepared if one should arise.

The laws surrounding property maintenance and the party liable for the upkeep of property have long been debated and change often. As such, it is imperative that you understand your legal obligations as a landlord and those of your tenants, so that you can introduce a fully-fledged property maintenance schedule that is compliant with your legal responsibilities.

Thanks to our at-hand guidance, you will be able to manage and deliver your property maintenance schedule to the best of your ability, understand ways in which you can reduce the stress that can arise, and deal with any issues in an effective way.

With our team’s extensive experience in property law, we are able to provide advice that is bespoke to your circumstances, tailoring a property maintenance schedule to suit your needs. 


How do I deal with property maintenance?

Many problems arise and develop into worse issues when left undealt with. While neglecting these problems may seem like a way to reduce costs in the short term, if an issue develops into more severe damage, it could end up costing you much more money, and could even lead to legal action, depending on the problem.

How can I save money on property repairs?

If repairs in the property are needed, it can be tempting to reduce costs wherever possible, which for some, means finding the cheapest ways of making repairs. However, cutting corners can often lead landlords to incur further costs and legal actions, especially if the repair work causes health hazards or breaches the tenancy agreement.

If you require work from a tradesperson, be sure to check accreditations before taking them on for repair work. Employing someone who is not fit to undertake the repairs themselves could lead to further damage, and legal action taken against you.

The team at AST Assistance will be at your side to help you find ways to reduce costs on property repairs, giving you expert tips tailored to your situation.

Whose responsibility is it to repair damage to equipment?

It is your legal responsibility as the landlord to ensure that gas and electrical equipment is functioning as required, and that they do not pose a risk to the tenants. You must therefore frequently service your boilers, cookers, and other provided gas and electrical equipment to ensure full working condition.

Regular servicing will also highlight potential issues that could arise later on, and save you from bearing substantial costs should the equipment fail and cause damage to the property.

How often should I inspect my property?

Your role as landlord extends to ensuring that your property is safe for tenants to live in. The responsibility to carry out home maintenance does not fall on the tenant.

Furthermore, some tenants may not inform you of any issues with the property until after they have vacated it, meaning that you could face surprise repair work and costs that will need to be dealt with prior to the next tenant moving in.

Performing regular inspections will give you a good idea of the condition of the property, and allow you to undertake preventative maintenance.

Moreover, such timely maintenance is likely to increase the relationship between you and the tenant, creating better communication, which in turn could mean you are better notified of future issues with the property.

Understand your maintenance duties as a landlord

As tenancy specialists, the team at AST Assistance have helped many landlords fulfil their obligations and effectuate a thorough property maintenance schedule. We deliver comprehensive landlord advice that is tailored to your tenancy circumstances, ensuring that you effectively manage your property and tenants.

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