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5 Property Portfolio Management Tips for Landlords

Landlords are increasingly on the lookout for ways of improving their portfolio management while saving money and protecting profits. In this article, Jon Pryse-Jones from THP – the Accountants for Landlords – shares his top 5 tips for improving your property portfolio management.
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How Long Does it Take to Get a Bailiff Warrant for Eviction?

With its intricate layers of protection for both parties involved, the UK's legal framework can often be daunting to understand and adhere to. Amongst the various stages of eviction, obtaining a bailiff warrant can be a vital step, allowing you to forcibly remove a tenant from your property with the help of the law.
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What is an Abandonment Notice?

If you wish to serve an abandonment notice, you must know your legal obligations as landlord and how to regain control of your property swiftly. See how here.
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What is a Regulated Tenancy?

If you manage properties and are wondering “What is a regulated tenancy”, read the expert guide here to know your legal obligations as a landlord.
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Eviction Letter Template and Guide

An eviction notice is a document presented to the tenant to inform them of the intention to begin the eviction process, and typically marks the beginning of the process. For a successful and legal eviction, the landlord must follow the necessary steps.
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What Are The Rules For Evicting a Tenant?

Here we, the property law experts at AST Assistance answer the question: ‘What are the rules for evicting a tenant?; explain the rules for evicting a tenant, the appropriate circumstances for eviction, and how to avoid costly or time-consuming mistakes in the process of evicting a tenant.
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What is Selective Licensing?

If you lease property in a selective licensing area and are wondering “What is selective licensing”, read the expert guide here to know your legal obligations as landlord.
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Tenant Background and Credit Checks

For landlords, dealing with difficult tenants and those who do not pay rent can cause undue stress and money. Not to mention, the process to rectify such problems can be lengthy and add further costs.
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What Does Property Maintenance Include?

Over time, any property will require maintenance of some kind, in order to decrease the number of problems that can occur, a landlord must take proactive procedures that identify possible problems before they develop.
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How Long Does an Eviction Process Take?

In some circumstances, eviction is the best recourse. In order to do so, you must follow the correct procedures and fulfil your landlord's obligations. Failure to do so can result in a delayed, or even unsuccessful eviction.
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Tenants Are Not Paying Rent - What Can I Do?

One of the biggest worries for landlords in the UK is tenants who don't pay their rent. At best, dealing with rent nonpayment may be time-consuming and upsetting. At worst, it may determine whether a landlord is able to make their monthly mortgage or fall into arrears.
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Tenants' Rights: Property for Sale

Landlords looking to sell their property must know their tenants’ rights; property for sale requires both parties’ rights to be respected. Learn how to do this here.
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