How Much Can a Landlord Charge for Cleaning?

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As a landlord, ensuring that your rental property is clean and well-maintained is essential for attracting and retaining tenants. One common question landlords often ask is, "how much can a landlord charge for cleaning?"

Here, we will discuss the UK laws and responsibilities for both landlords and tenants concerning cleaning, with a focus on mould as a key issue. By understanding your obligations as a landlord, you can maintain a clean and healthy living environment for your tenants and protect yourself from potential legal disputes.

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UK Laws Governing Cleaning Charges in Rental Properties

The charge is reasonable and reflects the actual cost of cleaning services. The tenant has failed to meet their responsibility to leave the property in a clean condition, as stated in the tenancy agreement.

It is important to note that the Tenant Fees Act prohibits landlords from charging tenants excessive cleaning fees. Any charge imposed must be a reasonable reflection of the actual cost of cleaning the property.

Landlord Cleaning Responsibilities

When considering "how much can a landlord charge for cleaning," it is essential to understand your responsibilities as a landlord. These include:

  • Ensuring the property is clean and in good condition at the start of the tenancy. Conducting regular inspections to identify any cleaning or maintenance issues and addressing them promptly.
  • Taking prompt action to address any mould or damp issues, as these can cause significant damage to the property and affect the health of the occupants.
  • Clearly outlining the tenant's cleaning responsibilities in the tenancy agreement.
  • Providing tenants with an itemised list of cleaning charges if necessary, reflecting the actual cost of the cleaning services.

Tenant Cleaning Responsibilities

Tenants also have a role to play in maintaining the cleanliness of the rental property. Their responsibilities include:

  • Keeping the property clean and tidy throughout the tenancy.
  • Reporting any issues related to mould, dampness, or other maintenance concerns to the landlord promptly.
  • Following the terms of the tenancy agreement regarding cleaning and property maintenance.
  • Ensuring that the property is in a clean condition when they vacate, or potentially face cleaning charges as outlined in the tenancy agreement.

Landlords are allowed to charge tenants for cleaning in the UK, provided that the charges are reasonable, reflect the actual cost of cleaning services, and are stipulated in the tenancy agreement. By understanding your responsibilities as a landlord and ensuring your tenants are aware of theirs, you can maintain a clean and healthy living environment in your rental property.

How can landlords stay on top of cleaning and maintenance responsibilities?

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