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Rent arrears simply refers to rent that has not been paid. These fall under ‘priority debts’, which can severely impact a landlord’s income. If left unresolved, rent arrears can lead to the termination of a tenancy agreement and, in some cases, can be grounds for eviction.

The team of rent arrears experts at AST Assistance has helped many landlords resolve issues with rent arrears, with the aim of securing the income you deserve, or finding another suitable solution. Working by your side, we will talk you through your rights and responsibilities, and the steps you can take to solve the issue of rent arrears.

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Our approach to rent arrears

If a tenant has failed to pay their rent in the agreed timescale, you will have grounds to take legal action. The tenancy agreement will outline a payment schedule for rent, indicating how much and how often rent should be paid. By failing to do so, the tenant breaches the rules of the contract.

We will ensure that you can resolve this issue with your tenant by taking the necessary steps to help you secure the rent you are owed. Otherwise, we can help you to pursue appropriate remedial action.

From the moment you employ us to help with rent arrears, we will work tirelessly to give you the best chance of securing the missing income. Through our extensive knowledge of the processes surrounding rent arrears, we know how to best deal with potentially sensitive situations, while ensuring that each party fulfils their obligations - with the aim of efficiently moving the case forward to obtain your dues.

How should I best prepare for rent arrears?

When facing rent arrears, there may be disputes as to the amount owed and the timescale of each payment. As such, it is vital that you prepare all relevant documentation, so that if a tenant accrues rent arrears, you have the evidence you need to prove that money is owed.

Before arriving at the potentially stressful situation of rent arrears, you should keep records of all payments made during the tenancy.

Furthermore, you should send receipts for payments to tenants and keep a copy yourself. This allows for a mutual understanding throughout the tenancy of how many payments have been made to date, and thus reduces the risk of tenants accidentally missing payments. 

Can I evict a tenant for rent arrears?

When a tenant accrues rent arrears, they are in breach of their tenancy agreement, which means you are eligible to take action against them. If your property is managed through an agent, they may be able to help you contact the tenant, in the hope of securing the money. However, they have limited resources and are often incapable of pursuing action in a swift manner.

If you manage your property privately, you may make an attempt to secure the rent you are due. There are different ways that you can try to secure the rent you are owed, but each has legal requirements that you must fulfil, or you risk facing penalties yourself - so it is vital that you understand your rights and take the appropriate course of action.

Visit our eviction page for more information on the eviction rights you have as a landlord.

What are my rights as landlord for dealing with rent arrears?

AST Assistance will help to make contact with the tenant, explaining the obligations of both parties as set out in the tenancy agreement. 

If contact with the tenant is unsuccessful, we will look to speak to a guarantor, if there is one. 

If the attempts to make contact with the tenant and guarantor are unsuccessful, we will help you to serve a Section 8 notice. This acts as a warning that, should the tenant fail to clear their rent arrears in the next 14 days, you will be eligible to take them to court.

At AST Assistance, we will guide you in taking control of a rent arrears situation, giving you the tools and knowledge you need to successfully resolve the issue. While you may have the right to take them to court, we have the experience to resolve cases before they reach this stage - in fact, three out of four cases we handle are settled before involving the courts, which is simpler and more cost-effective for our clients.

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