Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Find common ground in disputes and resolve any issue

The majority of disputes between a landlord and their tenant will be resolved between both parties without the need for a third party to get involved. However, being able to resolve a dispute simply by discussing the issue may not always be possible or advisable, leading to formal legal proceedings.

That being said, going to court may not be the best solution for either party. It could cause a further rift and incite more issues down the line, not to mention the substantial fees that both parties will likely incur. As such, if you are a landlord in a dispute with a tenant, you may want to consider all other options before taking the disagreement to court.

The landlord assistant specialists at AST Assistance have helped hundreds of landlords and tenants find common ground in disputes and resolve any issue, by giving experienced advice on the correct steps to take in order to find a resolution which works for both parties.

When engaging in a dispute with a tenant, you should take all necessary precautions and steps to resolve the issue. This might include seeking the help of experienced legal professionals, like AST Assistance. Call us on 01706 619 954, email, or fill in our online form to request a call back.

Instruct Us Our Approach

Our approach to landlord-tenant disputes

In sensitive situations, there needs to be a fair intermediary who can mediate landlords and tenants through any disputes they are involved in. Our team prioritises delivering a service that solves the dispute while guiding landlords on the best possible actions to take. We will work tirelessly to resolve any dispute without needing to go to court.

In fact, three out of four cases we tackle are resolved before the courts are involved. This has led to us rapidly building a reputation for giving landlords expert advice to put them in the best possible chance for resolving the dispute with a favourable outcome in mind.

Should your dispute reach the court, we will endeavour on your behalf, providing you with the advice and guidance you need to successfully resolve the dispute. 

How we can help with landlord-tenant disputes

Our knowledge of residential property means that we have helped numerous landlords solve disputes in a number of matters. Whatever the circumstances surrounding the dispute, our team is at your service to help you resolve your dispute efficiently and as stress-free as possible.

We have experience in solving the following landlord-tenant disputes:

  • Service charge disputes
  • Rent and arrears disputes
  • Tenancy terminations (including forfeiture and possession)
  • Landlord legal requirements
  • Property upkeep and maintenance disputes
  • Lease and tenancy agreements disputes

The above is by no means an exhaustive list, so if you are involved in any disputes, we will be sure to have the necessary knowledge and experience to help you resolve the case successfully.


When is a landlord not able to gain access to the property?

A landlord must gain consent before gaining access to a property. During a tenancy, it is illegal for a landlord to access the property without explicit consent from the tenant. 

Landlords can access the property for reasonable grounds, such as carrying out repairs but must give at least 24 hours' notice.

What are the steps I can take to resolve a dispute?

  1. Initiate discussion with the tenant - you should always begin by making contact, as a dispute can be resolved between both parties.
  2. Make reasonable attempts to communicate with the tenant - even if the tenant does not respond, you should make reasonable efforts to communicate with them. This can help to build your case and initiate the next step to dispute resolution.
  3. Seek mediation - if, after attempts to communicate, the tenant still does not respond, you should seek the help of an expert mediator, who can outline your legal rights and find an efficient resolution with you. 

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