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Find the appropriate communication channel with your tenant

There are many channels for landlords and tenants to communicate. However, each method brings its own challenges and drawbacks, which can lengthen communication, and in some cases, attract complications. 

Often, landlords struggle to find the appropriate communication channel with their tenant, and this issue is only heightened when managing several tenants and properties. AST Assistance takes all of the stress and pain away from communicating with your tenants, acting as the first point of contact in an efficient and effective manner. 

Through its extensive experience in liaising and dealing with tenants, the team at AST Assistance provides bespoke communications services for landlords. We help to bridge the communicative gap between both parties and work tirelessly to make this a smooth process throughout the tenancy. 

For guidance tailored to your circumstances and see how you will benefit from AST Assistance acting as the first point of contact, get in touch with our team on 01706 619 954, email, or fill in our online form to request a callback.

How we work

Thanks to our experience, we know that different communication channels will be better suited to a specific situation than others.

We have helped numerous landlords through the potentially stressful and difficult process of getting in touch with tenants. Our team helps to recover broken down communications as well as maintain healthy channels, meaning that you can rest easy and know that anything will be communicated effectively. 

We are adaptable and understand the effect of communicating in one way versus another, meaning that we can tailor our approach to ensure that your needs are met and any issue is dealt with efficiently.

We will work tirelessly to ensure that the highest standards of communication are met and adhered to; managing any issues that arise as a priority and keeping you up to date throughout. 

Why choose us to act as the first point of contact?

Our team of property specialists have the experience necessary to manage the communication between even the most complex tenants. 

AST Assistance has quickly built a reputation for acting as a first point of contact, taking the pressure off you and allowing you to concentrate on other matters of property management. 

With our help, you have the peace of mind that any attempt of communication will find you efficiently, and vice-versa.

We know that no two circumstances are the same, and will tailor our strategy to achieve good communication throughout the tenancy.

With our extensive knowledge of property law, we are best placed to communicate your rights and duties as landlord, and remind the tenant of theirs. As such, we will ensure that you remain compliant throughout, and use the law to your advantage when necessary.


How to communicate with difficult tenants?

As eviction proceedings can be emotionally charged for all parties involved, it is important to ensure that communications between the parties are made in a manner that remains professional and collected. 

AST are experts in handling troublesome and aggressive tenants, meaning that you will not have to communicate with them during what can be a particularly emotional time for them.

What does being the first point of contact mean?

As the name suggests, acting as the first point of contact means that communication arrives to us directly. We instil measures and strategies that allow for the smooth and efficient passing of information between landlord and tenant. In cases where communication is imperative, and must be done within a certain timescale, the team at AST Assistance uses its experience to find the best course of action.

Further guidance from the first point of contact experts

If you wish to become the first point of contact, or are seeking to receive guidance on improving your communication, you should seek advice from property legal experts, like the team at AST Assistance.

To speak to our team and receive tailored, at-hand advice from property deposit management experts, call us at 01706 619 954, email, or fill in our online form to request a call back.

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